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The corona virus, which affects the world and our country, changes our lifestyle and habits from beginning to end. With the corona virus, hygiene and cleaning have become the most important issues in our lives. With the increasing obligation to pay attention to social distance and personal hygiene issues, it has become mandatory to take extra security measures to prevent the risk of contamination.

According to the researches, the coronavirus can stay on the surfaces for a longer time by staying in the air for around 2-3 hours. As a result of these researches, it was determined that the virus was transmitted mostly by air.

Businesses disinfect surfaces within the scope of protective measures and this process can provide protection from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. However, researches indicate that the risk of corona virus transmission by air is higher and shows that there is a need for applications related to air disinfection.

Yeşil Grup Enerji, working on air circulation in places where there is a lot of human mobility; With AEREM19 developed for shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, dining halls and meeting halls, it continues its services by preventing this problem and has developed AEREM19 PRO device for elevators with the highest risk.

Elevators, which are in all areas of our lives and make our lives easier, are among the places where the risk of contamination is highest during the pandemic process. In this context, some businesses had to close their units in order to prevent this risk.

With the AEREM19 PRO device developed by Yeşil Grup Enerji, the risk of contamination in elevators is minimized. The AEREM19 PRO device, which is the first and only in the world in terms of its structure and working style, helps businesses by disinfecting both the air and the surfaces inside the cabin with UV rays.




AEREM 19 PRO is a hybrid system that is unique in terms of design and operation. While the system works in closed and isolated way when there is a passenger in the elevator, it provides air disinfection by drawing the air in with the help of fans; When there is no passenger, it provides surface disinfection by sending UV rays to the cabin and button surfaces. In this way, it minimizes the contamination risk while providing both air and surface sterilization.

As can be seen in the wavelength spectrum, UV rays are between 200 nm and 280 nm and the most efficient wavelength is 253.7 nm. When the UV lamps used for AEREM 19 PRO have a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is the most efficient wavelength for disinfection, their disinfection time is short and their efficiency is high.

How Does Aerem 19 Pro Work?

Aerem 19 Pro is an air and surface sterilization device with 2 UV-C light sources in the chamber, one open and one closed. The exposed UVC light source is activated when there is no living entity in the environment and provides surface sterilization of the environment. The UVC light source in the closed chamber is activated with the help of the sensors on the device when the living creature enters the environment and sterilizes the ambient air by taking the ambient air into the device with the help of fans. Afterwards, it returns this sterilized air to the environment.

It continuously performs these tasks throughout the period of living organism in the environment. In this way, a continuous sterilization is ensured both before and during use.

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