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Element Milk

Element Milk
Element Milk

The maintenance and cleaning of stainless steels, which are preferred in every aspect of our lives due to their appearance and longevity, has become an important issue for businesses.

You can solve your problems naturally and ecologically with Element Milk Stainless Steel Surface polishing and care product developed for stainless steels. While element milk does not harm the environment with its natural formulation, it can be used easily by the enterprises with its ease of use.



Element Milk, Stainless Steel Surface Polishing and Care Product;

  • It can be used on all surfaces made of stainless steel.

  • When used on metal surfaces, it creates a film layer on the surface and delays contamination.

  • Element Milk polishes the metal surface without scratching it.

  • It prevents oxidation formation on metal surfaces.

  • It is an ecological product and can be biodegradable.

  • Water, oil and dirt cannot be trapped on the metal surface after proper use (rinsing and drying well); the next cleaning takes less time.

While using Element Milk in the stainless steel products in your facilities, it cleans the surfaces without scratching; By preventing oxidation formation, you can provide a longer lifetime.

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