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Element DabCln

Element DabCln
Element DabCln

The most difficult places to clean in commercial and residences are the kitchens where meals are made in. In addition to the smell that occurs while cooking, it takes a great time to clean the oil residues that occur around. Unfortunately, these oil residues are tried to be cleaned with chemicals that are harmful to human health. While the chemicals used threaten human health in the first place; it also causes damage to the cleaned surfaces.

With the environmentally friendly formula of Elemenet DabCln, you can use it in places where dense oil and dirt accumulates. Because Element DabCln is an environmental and ecological product, it does not harm people and the environment.

Element DabCln;

  • It provides fast and easy cleaning by using intense dirt and oil accumulating surfaces such as hoods that are difficult to clean.

  • It was easy to rinse and does not leave marks on the surfaces.

  • It is appropriate to clean the surfaces with Element DabCln before using Elemnet Milk.

  • It is an ecological product and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

Element DabCln, which you can use comfortably in kitchens in individual and commercial establishments, does not harm the user due to its ecological and environmental friendliness. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by removing harmful chemicals from your life.

Note: It should not be used on aluminum surfaces.

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